Month to Month Content Studio

Boyink! offers one-stop content strategy, creation and marketing for startups, digital agencies, and organizations serious about content.

Improve your content. Improve your business.

You Are:

  • An over-worked solo marketer
  • A digital communications agency with multiple clients
  • A short-staffed internal corporate communications team

You Need Help:

  • Figuring out what content you have, what’s working and what isn’t, and developing a plan to improve it for better results
  • Implementing that plan by creating new content and then marketing it through your social channels
  • Actually using that nifty new website & content management system you just paid for
  • Tracking the success of that content & feeding that input back into the loop

We Offer a 1-Stop Content Studio

Michael and Crissa Boyink
Michael and Crissa Boyink.

We’ll work together to optimize your people, systems and technology. We’ll map out your business goals and customer goals and inventory your current content.

We’ll develop a move-ahead plan for new content that will make your clients happier and your business more profitable.

We’ll implement that plan on your behalf. We’ll create blog posts, white papers, case studies, and social media campaigns that educate and impress your customers.

We’ll track and measure the success of that content, tweak it and build on success.

If slickness, buzzwords and hype are what you like in a content provider, Michael’s not for you. If you can appreciate the rare mix of grizzled veteran, forward-looking thinker, and real-world practitioner who uses the same strategies for his own platforms, then you just might be lucky enough to get Michael into your world. He’s the real deal.Rocky Buckley, Platform University Member

In a Month to Month Model

We know hiring a full-time employee to create and promote content can strain your company’s resources. But we also know that you may not need someone full-time.

What you need is a smart, content-obsessed team to put a solid strategy in place and then execute that on your behalf.

You need a team to be there to help it stay on track as your company grows. 

That’s where Boyink! comes in - hire us to be your part-time, ongoing Content Studio.

With Consistent Pricing

Variable consultant fees can make it tough to plan and budget for your business. Constant quoting, hours-tracking, and change orders can suck the soul out of your job.

We’ve felt both types of that pain - that’s why we prefer a simple, flat, monthly fee.

You get a team for less than the cost of a fulltime employee or contracting with an agency.

We guarantee the benefits we provide far outweigh the cost.

I can’t say enough good things about Michael Boyink. He has been an invaluable asset to the Platform University community. He is a consistently helpful resource for both our freshman and veteran members as they endeavor to establish their brands online. Whether he’s helping them focus their messaging, develop strategies, or improve their content, his advice is always spot on. Michael has a knack for quickly getting down to what matters most and zeroing in on the changes that will have the greatest impact. His insight has been of huge help to our community and I know it would benefit you, as well. Mandi Rivieccio, Community Manager @Michael Hyatt’s

And You Should Hire Us Because

  • We Know Technology
    Boyink! has a 14 year history as a web development company. We know structured content. We know content management. We wrote a book about it. We can spot detailed implementation issues and talk geek with your IT staff to get them fixed.
  • We Want You to Succeed
    Yea, everyone says that, right? We’ve re-created ourselves as a Content Studio because we’re so strongly convinced we can do a better job helping customers succeed. Let us prove ourselves right!
  • We’re Also in the Content Business
    We’ve run a successful training company and are side-hustling a lifestyle design resource for families. We eat our own dog food, applying Content Strategy principles to our own sites and apply what we learn there to client work.
  • 1 + 1 ≥ 2
    We’re a husband & wife team that have great synergy. We are more than the sum of our parts.

Let’s Get Started

Great services, fair pricing, and a thoughtful, articulate Content team.  What more do you want? Tell us a bit about yourself and let’s see where this goes!

Note: We have four three spots remaining.