• Who is Mike Boyink?

    More than your vanilla web geek

    I’m at least a vanilla web geek dipped in a flavor-burst shell…

    • The owner of Boyink Interactive
    • The owner of Train-ee.com
    • A veteran builder of stuff on screens
    • A highly experienced ExpressionEngine Developer
    • An experienced internet consultant
    • A white-board addict
    • A digital nomad living on the road
  • Author

    Boyink Writes

    It all started in the 4th grade…

    ...when I attended a young authors conference.  Since then I’ve written magazine articles, a long-running personal blog, popular how-to articles & a book on developing ExpressionEngine websites.

  • Teacher

    Boyink Teaches

    ...or just the head student

    Through Train-ee.com I’ve taught hundreds of people to use the ExpressionEngine content management system from EllisLab - and have learned as much as I’ve taught.

  • Strategist

    Boyink Strategerizes

    A lover of puzzles

    Most web projects are really just a communication puzzle where the strategy for a solution is technology-based. Do you have an interesting puzzle for me?

  • Developer

    Boyink Develops

    Still a coder at heart

    An eater of my own dog food, a walker of my own talk—more than just talking about strategy I’m also well-versed in actually implementing it.

  • Partner

    Boyink Partners  (no - not like that…)

    An EllisLab Training Partner

    It’s a better relationship than Match.com could put together - EllisLab makes great software, I love teaching people how to use it - and EllisLab endorses the end results.

Mike Boyink portrait

Boyink is his name
Leader in EE training
and a stand up guy!

—A Haiku by Derek Jones, EllisLab

Have an Abandoned ExpressionEngine Site?

I am an experienced ExpressionEngine developer and teacher. I actually wrote the book on ExpressionEngine. I help owners of in-jeopardy ExpressionEngine-based websites fix, improve or update their site so that they can get on with the business of running their business.

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