Style and Tone Guide Example

Posted by Michael Boyink on December 16, 2015

If you are looking for a great voice & tone guide to use in your organization you could certainly do worse than starting with the version than recently posted.

Shopify’s voice and tone guide provides an overview of each, differentiates between voice and tone, and in general is a great way to get a team of writers all sounding like they are one company.

Their examples include:


  • Trustworthy, not inexperienced
  • Confident, not boastful
  • Empowering, not absent


  • Onboarding content
  • Day-to-day content
  • Create good feelings

I also appreciated tidbits like:

There is no “one weird secret to success”. Write things we won’t be embarrassed by in a few years.Shopify on

If you have multiple people writing content that gets read by your customers, developing your own voice and tone guide is a great idea.