Are You Planning a Live Event in 2016?

Posted by Michael Boyink on November 20, 2015

Do you only think digital with your content strategy?

Maybe your business should consider a live event

This Content Marketing Institute article on live events cites a study with encouraging results:

The study revealed that attending a branded live experience drives 65% of people to recommend the brand and 59% to buy it at retail afterwards – more than any other type of brand experience.Content Marketing Institute

Need Ideas?

These examples from the article may get you thinking about what kind of live event would be appropriate for your audience:

  • Hotdog Stand (eating contest)
  • Restaurant Chain (music festival)
  • Cookware manufacturer (cooking school)
  • Shoe company (running museum)
  • Shoe company (fitness studio)
  • Department store (art installation)
  • Outdoor gear (kayak tours, etc)
  • Electric utility (icebox derby with STEM tie-ins)

We’ll be thinking about this for our own efforts in the coming year.