Content Studio Pricing

Simple. Affordable. 2 for 1. Batteries Included.

Yoga Pricing

We’re a small, nimble, flexible company. We actually do yoga most days, so our pricing reflects that. We can come onboard as recurring monthly partners or work on a project by project basis.

A Simple, Flat, Monthly Fee

Boyink! can provide services on a month to month basis. One predictable consistent fee buys you a team of two people helping plan, create and measure your content on a monthly basis.

Each project and each client is different. Once we learn more about who you are and what your business goals are we’ll put together a custom quote that will spell out exactly what Boyink! will deliver and what the monthly fee will be.

We want to encourage a long-term arrangement so offer greater discounts for increased durations.

Each month we’ll get together and set some goals for our work. Sometimes a simple change can bring radical improvements to your targeted metrics. Sometimes it takes more work for smaller results. Overall we’ll try to measure our progress by how much we are achieving together, but typically you can expect about 30 hours of work per month.

If you need more of our time during a specific month we’ll work that out as the needs come up - but don’t worry, we’ll find the time. One of our goals for the month to month approach is to work with fewer clients in a deeper, more focused fashion.

As a small business owner, I have mounds of content ideas but lack the equivalent time and bandwidth to execute them. Michael Boyink has been a valuable and trustworthy solution. From concept ideation, to final execution, I can attest that his work will help position your message to your audience in relevant ways.Jessica Stollings

Project by Project

We realize finding great content partners is a big project. Maybe you don’t want to make a long term commitment before trying us on for size.

We’re a small company. We get that.

We can also work on a project by project basis. Just let us know what you’re looking to do. We’ll have some questions to help clarify your goals. Then we’ll put an estimate together for the work.


You’ve read about us, looked over our services, and our pricing. Time to get in touch and let us know what you need.