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Blog Posts

We can write engaging, entertaining, and informative blog posts that will satisfy your users and improve your SEO:


We’ve navigated the entire self-publishing process and can draw upon that experience for your new ebook:

Building an ExpressionEngine Site - Small Business
Homeschool Legally While You Travel in the USA


We can create eye-catching downloadbles for use as custom content upgrades and email list incentives:

2015 Budget


We can script, record and produce commercial screencasts then set up eCommerce websites to sell them on:


We can record and produce high-quality podcasts and publish them to your website,  iTunes and YouTube:

Homeschooling Science for Science-Haters

Length: 5:32  · Download

The Hardest Thing About Fulltime Travel and What To Do About It

Length: 5:29 · Download


We can create eye-catching graphics to compliment blog posts, use on social media and in email newsletters:


We are photographers and have accumulated a large library of awesome photos to use in client projects:


We have years of website development experience and can help you build a great home to showcase your content:

Community Involvement

We have long been involved in online communities and can help you engage your customers online, become your brand amabassadors, or help you find additional income opportunities.

Michael has been an invaluable asset to the Platform University community. He is a consistently helpful resource for our members as they establish their brands online. Whether he’s helping them focus their messaging, develop strategies, or improve their content, his advice is always spot on. Michael has a knack for quickly zeroing in on the changes that will have the greatest impact. His insight has been of huge help to our community and I know it would benefit you, as well. Mandi Rivieccio, Community Manager @Michael Hyatt’s

Michael worked directly for me while I was CEO at EllisLab. He was the main reason that the more targeted training sessions were successful (and profitable). Mike is great with people, he writes in a way that educates and informs, he’s a stellar teacher capable of working directly with owners/freelancers, and can put together valuable presentations.

The main thing about Mike is that you can’t shake him. He is a solid oak with deep roots. That’s part of what made him so valuable to me as an employee and now as a great friend and peer. I could trust him to walk into a completely chaotic situation with little oversight and know it would be handled exceptionally well. If that sounds dramatic, perhaps so, but it is the truth. He’s the type of person that makes those around him better.Leslie Camacho, former CEO

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