We Understand the Hitch-Itch

Selling to RVers? Let us help you market to them using today's tools and language.

RV Sales are up but the buyers are getting younger. Are you still rockin’ your 1980’s marketing plan?

RV Sales Are Up

The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association shows double-digit growth in shipped RVs every year since 2012.

What are you doing to get a piece of that?

Buyers Are Younger

The average age of an RV buyer is 48 and the fastest-growing segment is 35 to 44 year olds.

Still buying ads in magazines? Haven’t touched your website since 2009?

Don’t know your Instagram from your Pinterest from your Snapchat?

It’s Time to Adapt

Your customers have changed. They are now digital natives who live with a smartphone in their pocket.

They research online. They read blogs. They ask questions in Facebook groups. They Google your product names looking for reviews from current owners.

They look at your print pieces and wonder how you could both support an outdoor-related lifestyle while being so wasteful with resources.

You are starting to accommodate their needs in your products - but what about your marketing?

Boyink Family RVing
The Fulltime RVing Boyink Family

Boyink! Content Studio

We are skilled, tech-savvy digital marketers and fulltime RVers going on 8 years. Who else can setup a fifth wheel trailer in 18 minutes flat then get to work on a content strategy for your business?

Get in touch. We’ll take a look at what you are currently doing to market to this new audience and develop a plan to improve it. We’re experienced in:

  • Developing mobile-friendly websites
  • Creating SEO-optimized blogs
  • Writing content that RVers actually read
  • Promoting that content in places where RVers hang out
  • Using Social Media to interact with customers and build community
Ditching Suburbia Logo

Ditching Suburbia

Ditching Suburbia is how we “eat our own dog food” in the RV space.

Ditching Suburbia helps common families leave traditional suburban lives in search of simpler living, closer family, richer education and uncommon adventures.


  • Created the name
  • Designed the logo and related branding
  • Designed, optimized, and launched the website
  • Write all the content
  • Take all the photos
  • Promote the site on social media channels
  • Consistently see 10-20% growth every month

Let’s Get Started!

Whether you are an RV manufacturer, supplier, dealer, or campground owner - let us take what we’ve learned on our own project and apply it to your business. Read more about us or get in touch.