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What's this all about? Are there Gurus, Ninjas or Rockstars?

Content strategy, creation and marketing without the resource drain.

We are Michael and Crissa Boyink - husband and wife for almost 27 years, but so much more than that.

Michael and Crissa Boyink
Michael and Crissa Boyink.

We are best friends who have always worked well together. We’ve redone houses, raised children, refurbished RVs, grown businesses, written books, and reinvented ourselves from stationary suburbanites into nomadic adventurers.

We have complementary skills and character traits that allow us to competently offer a full service Content Studio.

Michael Boyink is a clear thinker and generous problem-solver. I appreciate his wise and people-focused approach toward business-building on the internet.Jess Connell

Who is a Content Studio For?

We’re a great fit for two types of businesses:

  • Understaffed Marketing Teams

    You know you need to blog more, publish more white papers, and create more case studies but the simple fact is you are already swamped. Bring us on to complete your team without the overhead of hiring another employee.
  • Digital Agencies

    You serve multiple clients all of whom need help with their content. There isn’t enough of a need to justify hiring a dedicated fulltime Content Designer, but there’s too much for your current team to handle. Bring us on part-time to meet that need.

Why We Think Content Is Important

We’ve been in the web business since 2002 - and we’re always looking for how we can best help businesses succeed on the web.

Our sweet spot has long been content-managed websites. Our business intellect combined with technical chops allow us to create awesome websites based on Content Management Systems (CMS).

We became (CMS) experts - writing CMS books, speaking at CMS conferences, and teaching other web developers to use a CMS.

This year we took stock of our skills, the CMS market, and the overall state of internet marketing in general.

We realized five things:

  1. CMS-based sites are now the norm and cheaper/easier than ever to create.
  2. No matter what CMS is used a website is only as good as its content.
  3. We’ve become really good at Content.
  4. Content Strategy & Content Marketing are crucial for business success.
  5. Cat videos are still popular.

#5 we couldn’t really do much about (sorry!).

Adding up #1 - #4 we’ve decided we could do better. We decided to transform ourselves into a Content Studio.

Content Design for Success

Great content isn’t some magic unicorn that coughs up rainbows and Benjamins.

But we’re convinced that companies that are willing to see their content as an asset, and see their publishing efforts as an ongoing program (rather than a one-off project) are more likely to succeed.

Michael quickly adds value with his great brainstorming skills. Plus, he is one of the few content experts that pays attention to your ROI. Not only can he mark content strategy off of your to-do list, he is super resourceful. He seems to know everyone, so he can connect you to the experts you need for other projects.Tina White, Panoramic Business Solutions

Particularly Particular

Internet projects usually run at the speed of an MLM coach’s Twitter scroll. We want to offer carefully considered, well-focused input.

In order to do that we’ll work with a limited number of clients at a time. We’re looking for companies who care enough about their content to invest in it.


  • Dig in, see what you have, what’s working and what’s dead weight
  • Look at your publishing process and see where it can be improved
  • Come up with a plan to help you succeed
  • Implement the plan and crank out some great content that your audience will love
  • Monitor our efforts and adjust as needed

What About the Gurus, Ninjas and Rockstars?

Yea, we’re not the type of people who answer to those titles (but we won’t correct you when you call us that..:).

About Michael

Michael started his career in TV news production and then moved into software development. In 2002 he left the corporate world and founded Boyink! Interactive.

In 2007 he founded Train-ee where he created content management books, tutorials, screencasts, and classroom training.

In 2014 Michael transformed a family travel blog into Ditching Suburbia - a resource that helps common families create uncommon lives.

Michael is:

  • A critical-thinking fact-finder who loves to deeply research issues and develop strategies
  • An adaptable multi-tasker who loves to revise processes for efficiency or effectiveness
  • An entrepreneurial self-starter who loves to brainstorm possibilities and initiate change
  • A visual-thinking maker who loves to bridge the gap from the conceptual to tangible

Michael has a BS in Communications from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI.

About Crissa

Crissa is in a transitional phase of life, moving from support and home education coordinator into a more active role in the business (those babies grow up, folks).

Crissa designed a K-12 homeschool curriculum including library resources, online resources, classroom experiences and project-based learning approaches.

She is an experienced web and print content editor - everything Michael has ever published has gone through her scrutiny first.

Crissa is experienced in applying social media strategies - interacting with audiences on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

She managed the logistics of Train-ee classes, attending to student needs, scheduling meals and class excursions, and working with the venue. Students affectionately dubbed her the “Class Mom”.

Crissa is:

  • A detail-oriented editor who loves to fact-check written material and massage details
  • A pragmatic project manager who loves to create a plan, organize materials, design systems and bring focus and closure
  • An empathetic listener who loves to ensure stakeholders feel accommodated, and mediate between the vision and the given

Crissa has a BA in Biology from Hope College in Holland, MI, and a BS in Nursing from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI.

Ready to Rumble?

Awesome - get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help you succeed with your valuable content.