The Boyink Office

In response to Luke’s Where Do You EE post over on Jambor-ee here are some pics of my home office, which resides in the basement corner of our house:

Features of note include a hydraulically height-adjustable desk supporting my Windows system with dual screens, the all-important Aeron chair, and the Jeep calendar on the wall..)

Also important is the 20’ linear feet of floor-to ceiling whiteboard - definitely important for designing and planning large sites.

Since this photo I’ve added a small “guitar corner” where I can take breaks to practice making odd and unusual sounds come from a $88 Target-special electric guitar…

I usually break up my work-weeks between days in the office and using a laptop at one of several coffeeshops on wi-fi.  Much of the decision to stay or go depends on if I need the dual screens for best productivity.

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  1. Charlie Stout on June 07, 2007

    Ain’t nothing wrong w/ cheap guitars.  I’ve got a $99 Squire that feels as good as a thousand dollar American Strat.  Of course, there is that pickup hum in the bridge, middle, and neck positions.  Thanks for the EE help on the GB forums, BTW.  LOL.

  2. jamjammo on June 08, 2007

    I love the whiteboard idea!
    Looks to be about 8x4 foot panels, right?

    A striking idea.

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