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Hey Folks—I know we blitzed through alot of different sites during the presentation.  In case you’d like to revisit some of those example sites I’ve used the services of del.icio.us.com to store bookmarks to all of them.

What’s a Blog?

Publishing a Blog.

Business Blog Examples.

As always, feel free to Contact Me if you want to grab a coffee and talk more about business blogs.

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  1. Jane Clark on January 18, 2006

    Hi Mike - Great presentation.  I definitely needed Blogging 101!  I picked up some new hints and some great ideas.  Thanks!  Jane

  2. Jeff on January 19, 2006

    Thanks Mike for the informative presentation on blogs yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Our company will certainly be looking into setting one up.

  3. AJP on January 19, 2006

    Nice Job Mike!

    Look forward to talking more with you sometime.

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