ExpressionEngine Trivia

Here’s a fun little year-end post for users of ExpressionEngine - a trivia challenge with questions about the software and some of the key people in its history.  No prizes, just bragging rights if you score well.  Scroll down for answers.



  1. What candy featured prominently in EE’s early development?
  2. What TV show did Rick Ellis do sound engineering on?
  3. What town did current CTO Derek Jones recently move from?
  4. What’s the name of that towns weekly newspaper?
  5. What’s the longest variable name in EE (that you’ve probably never used)? 
  6. Where did the first print ad for EE appear?
  7. What character appeared in an EE2 easter egg? 
  8. How is an easter egg triggered in EE1?
  9. What was the name of a PHP-based, standalone quiz application written by Rick Ellis?
  10. Who was the first EL employee?
  11. What instrument does Rick Ellis play?
  12. What type of band did Rick play in during the mid 80’s?
  13. Who was the first Chief Evangelist?
  14. Whose head appeared on a stick during a video by Derek Jones for EECI 2009?
  15. What was the code name for the EE 2 beta?
  16. What did the p in pMachine stand for? 
  17. How many custom fields per weblog did pMachine have?
  18. What was the purchase price of PmachinePro? 
  19. Which recently deceased and long-troubled rock star had a site that ran on ExpressonEngine? 
  20. What was Rick Ellis’s first job?
  21. What 80’s hair band did Rick’s band share a recording label with?
  22. What blogging tool inspired Rick to think about low-cost web publishing systems?
  23. What was Rick doing for work when he created pMachine?












  1. Skittles
  2. Family Guy
  3. Metropolis
  4. The Metropolis Planet
  5. {comment_entry_id_auto_path}
  6. The SXSW magazine in 2008
  7. A killer robot
  8. A new entry with the title of “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” - and click preview
  9. Quizzer
  10. Chris Curtis - doing support
  11. Guitar
  12. Hair Band (really).
  13. Kurt Deutscher
  14. Ryan Irelan
  15. Kaylee (after the Firefly character)
  16. Publishing
  17. Three
  18. $45 for non-profit / $125 commercial
  19. Michael Jackson
  20. Working at a pizza place
  21. Quiet Riot (Pasha records)
  22. Greymatter
  23. Audio Engineer

Happy Holidays from Boyink Interactive!

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  1. Kyle Cotter on December 29, 2012

    For #7, Pinky and The Brain can also apply :D

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