Cruft-Buster EE Addon Wishlist

Backstory - I’m in the middle of a project where I’m upgrading an older EE1x build to EE2 and doing a reshuffle of the information architecture & main navigation.  As part of this work I want to do some content restructuring to better fit the redesign, improve workflow, and take advantage of some of the new build approaches that have emerged since this site was built. 

For example, the site has many field groups where there are 6 relationship fields to determine sidebar content, and the templates have 6 sets of conditionals looking for content in each one before returning markup.  I want to convert these to single Playa fields.

However I also see very large fieldsets where I suspect a number of the fields are empty and I’d like to strip out unused fields.  I know I can create a quick template with all the fields in it for a quick inspection, but it’s tiresome with so many fields.  I know I can drop to the MySQL level and write some queries, but I imagine this need isn’t specific to me and think an addon might be a great solution here, especially as more of us work on upgrading & refreshing older ExpressionEngine site builds.

So what I want is a addon that will tell me:

  • Channel name
  • Total number of entries
  • Totally empty fields by name
  • Populated fields with a count of entries that have content in that field

Channel: Our Staff

Empty Fields:
Job History / {job_history}
Previous Employer / {previous_employer}
Photo / {photo}

Other Fields # with content / total entries
Title / {title} - 57/ 57
Name / {name}  - 57/57
Full Name / {full_name}  - 12 / 57
Spouse Name / {spouse_name} -  2 / 57

Finding field cruft is my immediate issue, but wonder if an addon could look for all system cruft in addition to unused fields?  Unused channels, unused templates, pending member accounts, etc?  And then more than just reporting them give tools to manage right from a centralized interface.

Easy to wish…;)


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