1. Usable Help
    June 12, 2003 in

    Style Guides are important tools for Help authors. They ensure consistency, brevity, and give documentation its “voice.”

  2. Photoblog Added
    June 11, 2003 in

    “If you look like your passport photo, you’re too ill to travel.” Will Kommen

  3. Boyink.com Relaunch Part Deux
    June 7, 2003 in

    OK - I’ve re-relaunched this site on a slightly different CSS approach, kindly provided by Elwin of http://www.cocoaholic.com/, a fellow pMachine user who answered my plea for help on the pMachine forums.  Great folks there I tellya (and it’s well known - around here anyway - that Dutch people just plain rock..).  Elwins layout fixes the size and position of the right navigation column, which seems to help IE6 render the pages consistently.

    I’ve also added the beginnings of a portfolio section where you can read a couple articles and view a Boyink Interactive client list.

  4. Invention Playhouse
    June 7, 2003 in

    http://www.inventionatplay.org/playhouse_cloud.html “Pretend play helps us learn to think visually and spatially and to both capture and express ideas.”

  5. Usable Help
    June 7, 2003 in

    http://www.g2meyer.com/usablehelp/index.html “Examining documentation and help systems for software and consumer products.”