1. Bright Blue Sun: The 800x600 Project:
    June 16, 2003 in

    Collages in this project are made up of 64 pictures total. Each individual picture in the collage is 100 pixels wide by 75 pixels high, oriented horizontally. Pictures should be arranged in an eight picture by eight picture grid, forming the final 800 pixel wide by 600 pixel high collage.

  2. B-Blogs: Mega-Meta, Very Viral
    June 13, 2003 in

    Naturally, all this blogging was picked up by other bloggers. The links stretch far and wide. I swear, I’ve never seen so much awareness spike so fast in a specific community solely via online media. It’s breathtaking.

  3. RCA: General Synod 2003: Commission on Christian Action
    June 12, 2003 in The Church Online | Other

    To encourage RCA members to purchase and use vehicles with high fuel efficiency and good emission ratings; to avoid the purchase of inefficient vehicles beyond their needs, such as sport utility vehicles, large trucks, and others; and to consider vehicle choice an area of faithfulness.

  4. NewsGator
    June 12, 2003 in

    Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.—Thomas Jefferson

  5. asterisk*: The One Skill Every Web Professional Needs
    June 12, 2003 in

    I’m here to tell you (here we go!) that in my mind the one thing every Web professional needs, regardless of their main job function, be that IA, Design, Development, what-have-you is adaptability. You know, the ability to wing it.