1. ExpressionEngine Certification - an Update
    January 10, 2011 in ExpressionEngine

    Last March I announced the beginnings of an ExpressionEngine certification program.  It’s been some time since that post I wanted to give an update of where that idea is (since the natives are getting restless (and rightfully so)...;)

    The long and short of it is that, after researching what it would take to get a developer certification program in place, we just couldn’t make the financials make sense based on the current EE marketplace.  It turns out that it’s quite expensive (nearing 6 figures per test) to develop and deliver such a program while still retaining any degree of quality and reliability. There was just no way to do it that was affordable for the typical EE developer.

    So, while the idea of developer certification is on hold, EllisLab and I are still in discussions about how to improve the experience around learning ExpressionEngine.  A “plan B”, as it were….stay tuned!