1. Michael Boyink to Speak at CIW Conference
    June 19, 2008 in Boyink Interactive News

    The 2008 CIW Conference is all about connecting with peers to discuss new Web technologies and best practices in Web design and development. It will also be a place where CIW instructors can share ideas about implementing world-class Web education.

    CIW is the web design and development curriculum our local high school tech center uses.  I’m on the board of advisers for that program which led to being asked to speak at the conference coming up on September 25-27 in Destin, Florida.

    I’ll be speaking on content management in general and leading a workshop on using ExpressionEngine specifically.

  2. The Next Generation
    June 12, 2008 in Other

    My 10 year old niece is visiting for a day or so. I just walked into the living room to find her and my 9 year old daughter playing on a self-contained Dance-Dance-Revolution game we picked up at a garage sale a couple of days ago.  It’s supposed to project on the wall as well as light up the mat, and we can’t tell if it all works yet and there was no owner’s manual with it.  The following conversation illustrated how this next generation is growing up:

    Me (to wife, also in the room): Can you find a model number on it?
    Both Girls (While jumping up and down and moving their feet, speaking in unison): 5—-5—-7—-0——0
    Niece (still dancing): I figured if we put that in Google we could find out more about it.
    Me (walking from room): My work here is done.

  3. Michael Boyink Interviewed on CreativeXpert.com
    June 4, 2008 in Boyink Interactive News

    Alan Houser is moving CreativeComponent over to ExpressionEngine and is blogging his way through the project.  In addition to the blogging work Alan is also doing a series of interviews available either as a podcast or MP3 download and I was the first in that new series. 

    The interview runs a bit over 17 minutes and can be found on Alan’s related CreativeXpert.com site.

    Thanks to Alan for the chance to talk about ExpressionEngine and Train-ee!