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Trading Shoes

Dutch comes back engineless, and wheels & tires are swapped around.

Dutch’s drivetrain.  I’ll be re-using the D18, but the T90 w/long input shaft will soon be up for grabs.

Now that Dutch has to live outside, I wanted to swap the wheels and tires around so my $tockton Wheels and BFG’s aren’t temptation for a light-fingered passerby.  Dutch before:

Dutch after.  It’s amazing how small he looks now - I can tell my “Jeep Size Perception” is already slipping being around the longer 6.

Who was it that said these weren’t original wheels?  A+ for you…

SSDutch with new shoes.  I always thought these tires looked just a *tad* big on the CJ5, but I think they’re going to be just the right proportion on the longer 6.  I’m planning to run Dutch’s 1” lift, with a 1” body lift and maybe a 1/2 shackle lift on SSDutch: