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Naked Dutch!

Dutch loses his tub, pictures by Harrison.

Big day - time to seperate the body from the frame.  With MsBoyink out of town for the weekend, picture taking duties fell to 7 year old Harrson:

There were only 2 bolts holding down the tub in the rear - and they were both finger-loose.  Essentially there were 3 body mount bolts that were tight - on the forward body mounts under the floor area. The trouble was they were into Dad’s replacement hat channels, which were only affixed to the tub at the outer edges by pop rivets.  Thin strips of rubber is all that cushioned the body from the frame.

So How Bad Is It?

So how bad is Dutch’s tub?  Well….probably repairable if you wanted to just about completely rebuild most of it with repair panels.:

Passenger side body mount…yes that’s a wooden spacer.  The floors have been repaired long ago, and looks like Dad didn’t bother to weld what he used for hat channels back to the body.  They were held in only by pop rivets at the outer edge.

Middle floor brace rusted out:

Driver’s side rear wheelwell:

Corner of the front floor area on the driver’s side, right where the back corner of the gas tank would normally be:

Passenger side floor supports:

Turns out we were always carrying a little bit of the Silver Lake Sand Dunes with us…

I’m undecided what to do with this tub, so will just store it until I dig deeper into the CJ6 tub and see if I need parts from this.  I initially thought I would cut the front floors out of this and graft them into SSDutch, but there are so many holes drilled and with doing the auto tranny swap in SSDutch I think it might be easier to just start over with some sheet metal and square tubing.

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