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Dash, Steering Wheel, Etc.

The push is on to get the CJ5 dismantled and out of the driveway.  Oh, and that late-night tarping effort?  It bought me a mess.

In order to prevent the shift tower from the T90 from poking through the too-small tarp, I had rolled the drivetrain sideways. 

Big mistake.  Gear oil ran out, soaking the cardboard and the carpet in the back of Dutch.  I pulled the drivetrain to the rear tailgate opening and let the excess oil drain into a bucket.  But it was windy, and the wind would blow the small stream past the bucket.

I got most of it captured, but still ended up with an oily mess in the driveway. 

So much for late rainy night sentiment.


I was surprised to find that this was the original dash.  For some reason I thought my Dad had replaced it when he put all the custom gauges, CB, and stereo in.

I also removed the firewall patch for the power brakes.

The steering wheel and outer column are out, but I’m still fighting with the steering shaft, and think I need to buy a bigger pickle fork to get the steering arm out, which will allow the steering shaft free.  Then there’s just a clutch pedal to remove, and the tub should be free to come off.

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