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  1. Trail CJ6 Spotted
    October 25, 2004 in Other CJ6s

    Spotted at this site, a good-looking pre-AMC era CJ6 keeps company with other long wheelbase trail Jeeps, mostly Scramblers.

    I’m curious about the top - it looks like a Specialty Top’s version of the CJ6 top since there are no windows that wrap the rear corners like the Bestop, but where are the side curtains?

    I also kinda like the look of the half-doors.

  2. 1966 Tuxedo Park CJ6 on Ebay
    October 22, 2004 in Other CJ6s

    In a case of “not being special enough”, a previous owner of this CJ6 added late-model Renegade decals to this already-rare Tuxedo Park CJ6 in Virginia.

  3. Terry Howe’s CJ6 up on eBay
    October 1, 2004 in Other CJ6s

    Terry Howe’s lime green 1975 CJ6 has appeared eBay.

    It’s a well-built rig, documented in some detail on