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  1. 1956 CJ6 Owned By Shad Gunderman
    August 27, 2004 in Other CJ6s

    Shad Gunderman sent me some pictures of his sweet purple 1956 CJ6.  Shad writes:

    Although I didn’t build it myself, there is still a story behind it.  My father bought a new CJ6 in 1967.  In 1988, it was my first car.  After driving it for a couple years (I am surprisied it lasted that long) I gave it back to my father and moved on.  He kept it for years, then ended up selling it (knowing I wanted it).  I turned around and bought the purple one.  He in turn bought a CJ7 crawler (it’s in one of the pictures).  Mine had a 4.3L V6, Chrysler 904, Dana 300 w/twin stick and 4:1, Dana 44’s, 37” Boggers on Welds.  I get so many comments on the street and trails, people always ask how long I stretched my Jeep…..none.  It is nice to see other avid CJ6 fans out there.  Go ahead and spread the pictures around, I am proud of my Jeep.

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  2. Tuxedo Park CJ6 ad on eBay
    August 27, 2004 in Miscellaneous

    While looking for some other Jeep ads I stumbled across this one, showing a Tuxedo Park CJ6 in white with a red top in the lower left.  Note the color-keyed windshield frame and steps.  Here’s a link to the auction.

    The Tux Park CJ6 is one of the rarest CJ variants around!

  3. 1968 CJ6 Formerly Owned By Jim Williams
    August 27, 2004 in Other CJ6s

    This 1968 CJ6 was owned by Jim Williams in the early 1980s.  Jim writes:

    Don’t laugh too hard at these.  These are from 1982-1983.  The CJ-6 is a 1968 with the F-134 engine.  I have no idea of its fate.  I had to sell it while in college to pay some bills.  The tires are 10-15’s from Sears which I don’t believe they make that size any longer.  The top was ordered from Sears.  The roll bar was added because my parents were paranoid.  Everything else was stock.

    More pics…

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  4. 1973 CJ6 on eBay
    August 27, 2004 in Other CJ6s

    This intermediate CJ6 just showed up on eBay.

    Another interesting rollcage design - even with the integrated seat mounts that we’re planning, but definitely not family friendly with no accomodations for a back seat.

    All in all though a nice CJ6, even comes with a white Bestop softop.  I wonder how old that is.

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  5. 1957 Custom CJ6 on eBay
    August 25, 2004 in Other CJ6s

    Another CJ6 on eBay (thanks to Tim Harris for the heads up).  This one is quite customized - all the stock Jeep drivetrain has been replaced from motor to axles.  It’s also presents a different rollcage design than I’ve seen on a CJ6.  To my eye it has too much space between first and second hoops and the sloped second hoop looks wrong.  I’m also convinced the rear bars need to go as close to the rear of the body as possible. 

    The shape of the rear bars may work for SSDutch though, since the Besttop has a slope in that spot to deal with.  But I’d add a third side to side bar.  More pictures…

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