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  1. And So It Ends
    March 31, 2010 in Accessories | Brakes | The Exchange | CJ6 Acquisition | Drivetrain | Electrical | For Sale | Frame and Body | Interior | Miscellaneous | Other CJ6s | Steering | Suspension | Top and Exterior | Daytrips & Events

    And so 24 years of Jeep ownership comes to an end with the purchase of SSDutch and the Bantam Trailer.  Meet the new owner of both - Justin and Clarisse from Indiana.  Justin drove the Jeep a couple hours home - towing the trailer and in convoy with a pickup full of all my spare and uninstalled parts.

    Feels really strange to be Jeepless - especially on a nice warm day like today - but I have a great sense of anticipation for what’s next.

    Good luck with it Justin!

  2. Sold & Gone!
    March 29, 2010 in For Sale

    More to come later - but just an update here that SSDutch and the Bantam Trailer are sold and in the hands of their new owner.

  3. SSDutch is for Sale
    December 26, 2009 in For Sale

    The Jeep and Trailer are both Sold.

    It’s not without a bit of sadness and trepidation that I post this.  After 6 years of ownership and a whole lot of blood, sweat and gears I’ve arrived at the decision to put both SSDutch—a 1964 CJ6—and my 1950 Bantam Jeep trailer up for sale.

    Mostly this is due to our recent decision to go on the road for a year but I’ve also noticed that I’ve had a lack of interest in working on it for some time now.  In preparing for our trip the idea of just having the Jeep, trailer, and related piles of parts gone is more peace-inducing than the notion of having to arrange storage for all of it. 

    Edit/update.  Please - don’t email me beseeching me to keep the Jeep and “just set it up to be flat-towed and take it on your trip”.  I do appreciate the intent and how people just want to be helpful in finding me a way to keep SSDutch and also take the trip.  And the Jeep is setup to be flat-towed - I did it myself.  But I’ve put alot of thinking into what we want to do on this trip, and what we’d need in a toad and the CJ6 just isn’t it:

    • It’s not secure and we want to visit large cities.
    • It’s not weather-tight and we’ll be driving in downpours.
    • It has no AC and we’ll want to take long sidetrips in hot weather.
    • It would need both fuel injection and an automatic transmission installed to be “wife-friendly”.
    • Getting the kids into the back with the top on would be a constant hassle.
    • It’s a conglomeration of parts - some of them more specialized than a small-town auto parts store will have. I’d hate to have to wait somewhere for parts to arrive via UPS just so we could get on the road again.  And I really don’t relish the idea of doing repairs in a campground setting.

    Trust me when I say that all of this has been well-considered and selling the Jeep is the best solution.  I appreciate the intent of the emails I’ve had but am just tired of explaining this over and over. 

    Here’s the complete for sale ad:

    Continue reading…

  4. Indian Summer
    November 8, 2009 in Daytrips & Events

    Yes - a rare 70 degree day bought us one more beach run in SSDutch.  The owner of a ‘68 Scout 800 had the same idea.

  5. 1974 Dutch CJ6
    October 11, 2009 in Other CJ6s

    Netherlands-based reader Marc Ouwehand sent me the link to this beautiful 1974 CJ6 that still lives in the Netherlands.  My Dutch is rusty (OK, non-existent) so I plugged the URL of the page into Google Translate and learned that the Jeep features the 232 straight six engine and is painted Silver Metallic Green.  The page also says:

    This car was ordered on February 19, 1974 at Kemper and Van Twist Diesel NV Mijlweg 33, Dordrecht. Ordered by the Director of the Young Autobedrijf BV in Rotterdam for his country in Rhenen. The car was finally delivered on March 3, 1974.

    From what I understand Marc’s friend has purchased the Jeep - let’s hope it stays such a nice example of an original CJ6.