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  1. Resources
    June 4, 2003 in Resources

    Where to get parts and information for the Bantam BT3-C and other 1/4 ton Jeep trailers.

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  2. Stake Racks and Bows
    June 4, 2003 in Accessories | Restoration

    One option for the civilian Bantams was the covered wagon (or chuckwagon) style canvas shown in the picture from the sales literature of the era.

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  3. Bike Rack - Bed Mounted
    June 4, 2003 in Accessories

    This was a car-top bike rack.  It was a bit wide for the Bantam, so I cut a few inches out of it and used some strap steel to join it back together:

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  4. Toy Trailer
    June 4, 2003 in Accessories

    Watching me restore the Bantam trailer fanned an already-intense interest in things that “hitch together” in my son.  He has one of those Crazy Koop cars and a similar mini-van, and is constantly lashing them together with neckties from the dress-up box and pretending to tow a trailer.  He also has a red PowerWheels Jeep that he’s crazy to pull something with.

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  5. Rear Bantam Logo
    June 4, 2003 in Resources | Restoration

    The trailer is licensed as a Historic Vehicle complete with a special license plate, and the rear “Bantam” sticker hs been added.