Bantam Trailer Blog

  1. Removable Wire Harness
    June 4, 2003 in Modifications

    I hated the way, on previous trailers, the wiring was always falling down and getting in the way.  So I ran all the wires though electrical conduit and put a plug box in the a-arm of the trailer.  The wiring harness now gets pulled off and stored out of the elements.

  2. Spare Tire Mount
    June 4, 2003 in Modifications

    I needed a trailer spare since the tow vehicle will not always be a Jeep.  I used a reproduction early CJ side-mount on the front of the trailer.  For support I welded 2 1” square tubes from the angle iron up to the lip of the tub.  This also spaces out the mount enough to clear the tarp hook.

  3. Tie Downs
    June 4, 2003 in Accessories | Modifications

    I like sturdy tie downs on a trailer.  I wanted more than just the tarp hooks on the outside of the Bantam.

    These are 5000 lb. units from Northern Tool.  They were made to be surface mounted, but were too wide - they straddled the ribs in the floor and wouldn’t sit flush.

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  4. Rear Receiver
    June 4, 2003 in Modifications

    Visible in this shot is the rear receiver.  Why put one on a trailer?  Because I had just bought a welder.

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  5. Front Receiver
    June 4, 2003 in Modifications

    I wanted to solve a couple of problems with the stock attachment of the Bantam Civilians:

    • Short tongue makes the trailer hard to back up - especially in the RV that this one will often get towed behind.
    • Short tongue also makes it hard to haul long stuff like 12’ boats or 18’ lumber - the trailer is too close to the tow vehicle.
    • Traditional ball socket is nice for on-road, but I wanted the flexibility of going to the pintle/lunette arrangement for off-road.
    • The trailer will get stored outside and I’m concerned about theft.

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